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Manifolds are used as a main distribution center usually from a larger supply line to multiple smaller sized PEX lines.

Radiant Heating uses manifolds as a main central hub where the PEX lines begin and end for each loop. There are numerous types of manifold and accessories for radiant heating and it is best to educate the difference among all of them to determine which is best for your application. Single Zone, Multi-zone, Manually Controlled, Actuator Controlled, with and without isolation valve for each port, with and without flow meters on each port, temperature gauges, purge valves, air vents etc. Consult your radiant heating specialist to determine which is the best type for your application, if you do not have one, call us and we can discuss your project in detail.

Plumbing systems use manifolds to distribute hot or cold potable water from a central location to various fixture throughout the home. Using centrally and strategically located manifolds minimizes the total linear footage of pipes used and makes for a more efficient design of the plumbing system.

Preassembled manufactured manifolds are the preferred choice by a lot of installers as it saves a lot of install time and money. It also help avoid unwanted leaks as they do not need to assemble manifolds on site by sweating parts to custom make a manifold.

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